​TRIZ Int'l Certification Program

  • Level 1 Certification / 3 days (24hrs)

  • Common practice task execution and TRIZ process learning

  • Level 2 Certification 5 days (40hrs)

  • Individual task execution and in-depth TRIZ training 

  • Corporate / School course (20~40 ppl)

  • Int'l TRIZ Certification


2~8 hrs program depending on the subject

Goal setting/ problem defining/ idea collection/ concept planning/ prototyping

Seminars by field/industry


Youth Creativity Training

Students: Mid/High School

 Creativity improvement and future planning based on perspective change and systematic thinking

School lectures available


Problem Solving Training based on Systematic Thinking & Function Analysis

Problem solving guide over diverse fields such as R&D, product planning, and designing.

Systematic thinking based Perspective broadening via Systematic Thinking

Product diversification & problem solving competency based on Function Oriented Search method