Officiser is a unique, fun and effective sedentary lifestyle solution for anyone who sit 4+ hours a day. It is an innovative gadget that incorporated the health and productivity benefits of an under-desk exerciser and an ergonomic footrest. And it is also the world first fitness device that implemented ankle rolling function (patent-pending). Officiser is fun and easy to use, and the movements feels as natural as fidgeting. And you can use it at home and in the office, and anywhere you want to.


Officiser is full of unique technical innovations, including the world’s first zero-gravity glide system and ankle-rolling function.

We believe the device that can be used all day have to be intuitive and fun to use. And it also needs to give you a stable upper body so that your normal work productivity won’t be affected by using Officiser. We are inspired by the leg swaying and foot pedaling kids naturally do while they sit by the pool. And we have tested hundreds of rail systems and tension combinations to find the motion that we wanted. Officiser easy glide feels exactly like pedalling in water or as some tester's said, walking on a cloud. It is an enjoyable movement that you don’t want to stop.

Why "zero-gravity" glide?

The ankle rolling feature not only has its unique physical benefits like stimulating diverse muscle groups and increase joints flexibility, but it also substantially intensified the gliding movements without affecting your upper body posture. Our muscles strain easily from small and repetitive actions like those provided by existing under-desk cycles/pedals. But with ankle-rolling and zero-gravity glide, Officiser offers dynamic movements at a larger range that not only avoid the muscle strains and fatigue, but effectively stretches and strengthens the muscles.

Why ankle-rolling?