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We are born to Move!

Keep Walking while Sitting

with Officiser

Officiser is the innovative ergonomic gadget that incorporated the health & productivity benefits of an under-desk exerciser and an ergonomic footrest.


Stimulates diverse muscle groups on your legs, glutes and back; improves blood circulation.
The motion feels like 'walking on the cloud'.


Smooth gliding allows you to use all day wihtout getting tired and sweaty.


Stimulates calves, and connected joints; improves blood circulation; prevents stiffening of joints and muscles.


The width of Officiser can be adjusted to fit different body sizes.

Officiser is designed to be used throughout the day whenever you sit and increase your physical activity.  It also helps improve your posture. 


Rodrigo Pulido

Kickstarter backer

“I just lent my Officiser to my dad, who is recovering from brain surgery and it has proven to be very beneficial since he is not able to do his regular walking routine.
He is enjoying it very much and most likely he will keep using it after being fully recovered and hence I might have to buy another one for myself.”

Sy Da

Kickstarter Backer

“I love the Officiser and I hope you are able to sell a lot of them!

It really is great for those of us who sit at a desk all day.

I'm definitely interested in buying more in the future - especially when my kids get older and spend more time sitting at a desk.

Thank you for making a great product!” 

Tammy Durden

“ I only used it for one day, but could feel the difference!.”

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