Have you invested in the 'best ergonomic chair' for your back?

Then, now it is time to invest for your health in that chair.

Why Officiser HG?

Officiser HG is the most




sedentary solution that helps you to fully enjoy the benefits of sitting in your ergonomic chair.


When not exercising, your chair easily rolls on the floor as you take the healthy solution imbedded in your favorite chair.

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"I'm an active and athletic person, but I sit a lot while working – and know that it is not healthy. I tried the chair with HG at my work space, and in the end of day its application told me that I’ve moved my legs for 5 hours during 8 hours of sitting. I felt no discomfort of my legs, got a great stretch which helped me to maintain productivity with my work. This is brilliant!"

Mireya Fouche, 35, entrepreneur, Chicago, IL

"After having been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, discomfort of my leg was something I just got used to - until I"" had the chance to experience the HG. It challenged my weaker leg and provided a great exercise, and over time I was able to increase the tension. It is not a strenuous workout, just a flowing movement, but the feel of my leg got better. I now use the HEALTH GUARD at my reading space and am so thankful for how it helps me"

Maria Lopez, Chicago, IL

"Thank you so much!!! I work long hours at the computer. It helps me feel relaxed."

Illy Wolff, Graphic designer

* CTL is the official licensee of HG worldwide. Contact us for distribution inquiries.