Setting the right goal is extremely important.

But prior to this, identifying the right problem could be even more essential.​” 


— Ph.D. Youshin Han, CTO


Youshin Han

Ph.D, MATRIZ Level 4 (#93)

CEM Representative license (034/2020-5/2)

​CEM L4 Committee Member

(Samsung)Cornign Inc. TRIZ Leader

LG Electronics PRI   Leader of TRIZ Part

CCEI Consultant(LG Electronics)

Korea Invention Promotion Association Support Program Judge


Current CTO of CTL Co., Ltd.

 Main areas of R&D

  • New material development (Masters & Ph.D)

  • Process optimization & New method dev./ Glass construction dev. & production process improvement/ Flexible substrate material & system dev.

  • New product planning (Electronics, services...etc.)

  • Product improvement, Cost reduction, New product dev. & Prototyping/Testing

  • TRIZ based patent avoiding

Publication: 'The Problem is the Problem' 2019 - KSAM