​Problem Solving CAMP

 Creative Action & Mind Program​

 Problem solving via Training & Task execution

6 sessions total (8hr x 6: 48 hrs)

TRIZ Level 1 certification after Camp

Sample prototyping available (3D printing / working prototype) after concept refining

StartUp Consulting

  • StartUp item ideation / development support

  • Establish startup operation and strategy based on startup experience

  • Overall market analysis and consulting for product/service launch

​One-Point Consulting

  • Review confronting issue settlement

  • From 4~24hr Consulting

  • Subject & field need to be discussed

Drawing ​Solutions

  • Consulting based project

  • 1~6 months, depending on level of difficulty

  • Final delivery: Consulting Report

  • Working prototype

New Products Consulting

  • Consulting based project

  • Overall product development consulting - Market research, product planning & marketing, business model establishment.

  • Establish new product development strategy with TRIZ experts and professionals from relevant field.

  • Final result: Consulting Report

  • Working prototype