How Officising can be compared to walking? Is it really similar?


With that question in mind, we contacted Professor Dohyung Lim and his R&D team at Sejong University, South Korea, in order to have Officiser go through a series of tests. 
With the Motion Capture Systems (VICON), the knee and ankle angles as well as the muscles activity were recorded :

* Knee and ankle angular similarity

Ref. : Dept of Mechanical Engineering of Sejong University

As you can see from the graphs, the movements of the knees and ankles while Officising are very similar to the walking motions. 
Thus we could conclude that Officiser helps simulate walking while sitting.
We also placed the Electromyography (EMG) sensors on the tester and compared the muscles stimulation with walking.
We can see diverse lower limb muscles are stimulated with Officising moves, and in fact, the back thigh muscles (Semi Tendonous) show higher stimulation than walking.

Right Leg

Walking                                                                                      Officising

Left Leg

Walking while Sitting

Nowadays most of us have what we call a sedentary lifestyle. We spend most of our day sitting, whether it's at work or in our sofas. This prolongated sitting position put our health at risk, even if we have regular physical activities.

Productivity and attention

Who hasn't felt his or her attention and productivity decrease as the hours spent behind a desk without moving went by ?
This is normal! Studies have shown that sitting all day was correlated with lower mental well-being and bad work performance.
Officiser helps you to stay focused on what you are doing by allowing your legs to move in the most natural way the human knows : walking.


When sitting, we usually don't pay too much attention to our posture, which results in a lot of unhealthy habits : crossing your legs, hunching your back, leaning on one side,...

With Officiser, you can naturally develop a better posture. Your back will thank you!

Researches have shown that sitting all could be correlated to type 2 diabetes, and that breaking up prolonged sitting with small walk significantly reduces insulin in people with high risks.
NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is the energy you burn through physical activities other than sport like exercises. 
Our test has shown that Officiser can significantly boost your NEAT while you sit. In the test, we tracked two office workers for two weeks during the 8-hour work hours (One week not using Officiser, the other week using Officiser), monitoring their heart rates, oxygen saturation, VCO2, and respiration rate. And we calculated the calorie burn based on the results. 
The graph above shows us the comparison of the average calorie burn in an hour without or with officising. We can see significant increase in calories burnt per hour when officising compared to just sitting. For those two workers we tested, the extra calorie burn per 8 hour work day is equivalent to an hour of intense exercise in the gym (or 1.5 hour of jogging).
Using Officiser all day is similar to walking 3-5 miles per hour depending on your movement types. 
Blood circulation is an essential to your health.
Better blood circulation means more oxygen and energy to different part of your body, including brain, organs, and extremities. It improves brain performance which helps keep your mind sharp and focused. And it also leads to healthier skin and lower blood pressure. In addition, better blood circulation prevents numbness in your legs and feet.
Lack of circulation is one of the common reason for lower body swelling. And many people experience leg swelling after sitting or standing for a long period of time. As Officiser increases circulation, we expect officising will reduce leg swelling. And our test confirmed this belief. In the test, we measured the perimeter of left and right calves of an office lady in the morning (9:00am) and noon (1:00pm), and then we gave her the Officiser to use. We can see from the graph above that the perimeter is almost back to the morning status after a mere 45 minutes of officising.
You can use Officiser to make dynamic moves, which can stimulate muscles on your abs, glutes, legs and lower back.  It improves knee stability and flexibility, as well as strengthening muscles around ankles, and increasing flexibility of ankles.
Using Officiser is as natural as fidgeting. You can go with the flow while you sit and make your own combination of movements. Furthermore, you can also use Officiser to create exercise routine for yourself. One exercise move we love is the body rotation, which trains your core muscle and is great for your spine and it relaxes your tight back.